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Block Party Cambridge 2017 winning art now on ARD Text

A selection of the best art created at last weekend’s Block Party collaborative editing event is currently available to view on German teletext service ARD Text.

Click here to launch the ARD Text online teletext viewer

…or fire up Das Erste, hit that teletext button and dial ARD Text page 840!

(Not available after March 2017)

In addition, art can be viewed at this Flickr album, which also includes a selection of photos from both days at the Centre for Computing History. In time, every page made at the event will be available along with links to the editable browser page or downloadable standalone teletext files.

Here are just a few of the 25 or so pages chosen for broadcast:

Mona Lisa, KCSpace InvadersCentre for Computing HistoryInvader City, Block Party 17Robot, Horsenburger

Dan Farrimond

Teletext artist and head mad scientist at the UK Teletext Art Research Lab (TARL). | hello [at] teletextart (dot) co *dot* uk |

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