Teletext Art

Teletext Artist Profiles

Carl Attrill (Retrotext)

‘Carlos’ is co-presenter of the Teletextr Podcast, a show named after the teletext service he founded in 2015. This name was also adopted, completely independently, by a demogroup that exhibited at Block Party Cambridge 2017.

Steve Horsley (Horsenburger)

In a remarkable case of nominative determinism, Steve ‘Horsenburger’ Horsley began his career drawing pixel horses for a variety of services including Teletext Ltd. Returning to the medium twenty years later, he finds his work featured on Nintendo Life and ARD Text.

Ian ‘Swirv’ Irving

Joined Ceefax at its beginning in 1974 as news and general sub-editor, gradually developing the graphics side of things. Eventually became full time graphic designer with Intelfax Ltd in 1986, designing for a wide range of teletext services, including Channel 4’s 4-Tel service and the popular 4-T cartoon series.

Raquel Meyers

Raquel Meyers’ practice centres on KYBDslöjd, which stands for ‘keyboard dexterity’. Her brutalist storytellings have been exhibited around the world, from Australia to the United States, Brazil and Japan.

Last updated 10 August 2018. More to come.