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Republica promo art

Teletext Block Party II ** 3 May 2016 ** Republica Festival, Berlin

Republica promo art

The Teletext Block Party is back for 2016, and now it’s international.

Block Party II will be held on Tuesday 3 May at Berlin’s Republica Festival, 3.00-6.00pm local time. More information can be found at the official Republica site right here.

…But I suppose I should paste an excerpt of the workshop blurb here, too!

Visitors to this workshop will find out how to make a personal teletext service to broadcast to their friends and family. They will use software to create pages with the correct specification to be shown on broadcast teletext, learn how to set up their own stand-alone teletext service with a Raspberry Pi, and share these pages via social media.

In addition, German broadcaster ARD has offered to broadcast some of the re:publica teletext artworks live on their teletext service during the conference, reaching a possible audience of up to 4 million visitors per day.

You heard that right. A selection of the best artwork created at this workshop will be broadcast on ARD Text… live.

About the Berlin Block Party

But that’s not all!

Every single piece artwork created, be it via worksheet and felt pen or computer and teletext editor, will be posted or linked to right here at the Teletext Art Blog. Rest assured, dear bloggers, for all art will also be showcased at the Teletext Art Tumblr and Twitter.

But that’s still not all!

On the very same day, ARD will be holding their own teletext talk. It’ll be conducted entirely in German, but worry not, as there will also be plenty of pictures to marvel at.

And in case you can’t make it, I’ll provide a report on this very blog before the month of May is out.

And that’s all.

Except for this video of the first Block Party:

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