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Teletext Music Video: Lancashire’s For Me

For the past month or so I’ve been working on a teletext music/lyric video for comedy folk band the Lancashire Hotpots. And today it hit YouTube like a worm’s vomit hits the inside of a teletext CRT TV set.

It isn’t the world’s first teletext music video, mostly because I was a bit naughty and added the word highlighting in something other than a teletext editor. But it’s pretty darn close – I could feasibly take those pages and feed them through a Raspi for a live teletext music video experience.

For now, though, please accept this mere digital representation! Hope you enjoy it, even if you’re from Yorkshire. (Warning: contains Lancashire bias.)

— Dan


Dan Farrimond

Teletext artist and head mad scientist at the UK Teletext Art Research Lab (TARL). | hello [at] teletextart (dot) co *dot* uk |

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