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‘The Wonderful World of Horsenburger’ to be exhibited on ARD Text in September

It’s a secret no more – the legendary Steve ‘Horsenburger’ Horsley is returning to your TV screens in September 2018. Germany’s ARD Text have announced that their latest teletext exhibition, running from 1st to 30th September, will feature the sixel wizard’s vibrant Videotext visuals.

Steve began his pixel art career designing horses at Ladbrokes and palm trees at Teletext Ltd in the mid-1990s. Since returning to the field of teletext design just a few years ago, he has produced hundreds of pixel portraits, caricatures and pop culture homages, which are catalogued in their entirety at

Similar to Dan Farrimond’s residency a couple of years ago, one new Horsenburger artwork per day will be exhibited on German teletext throughout the month of September. ARD viewers are asked to ‘watch out for a new surprise’ from his ‘colourful pixel world’ every 24 hours.

Click to see Horsenburger’s art on ARD Text online
(from 1st September)

  • Listen to Steve Horsley talk to the Teletextr Podcast alongside Mr Biffo at Digifest 2016
  • See Horsenburger’s artwork featured on
  • Watch how Steve creates his teletext artworks
  • Read Steve’s announcement on Twitter

A taste of Horsenburger

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Teletext artist and head mad scientist at the UK Teletext Art Research Lab (TARL). | hello [at] teletextart (dot) co *dot* uk |

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