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Teletext links


All the teletext stuff I could find compiled into one large, but very handy categorised list. Happy telly-texting.

Teletext resources

Teletext festivals/projects

  • The International Teletext Art Festival has been running since 2012, and has broadcast on services in countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Finland.
  • The 2006 VBI Microtel project was a channel broadcast on Dutch teletext for the 35th International Film Festival in Rotterdam. During its all-too-brief lifespan, it exhibited numerous artists’ teletext designs.
  • The Teletext Block Party: teletext art on the road. Has hosted workshops and ‘txt parties’ at Tate Britain, St Helens Library and the Superbyte Festival amongst others.
  • Teletext VBIT Pi emulates a teletext signal via Raspberry Pi. Within ten minutes, you too can be running a new teletext service on your old television.
  • Teefax is the pioneering VBIT Pi teletext service, but it can also be viewed in a web browser.
  • The Teletextr Podcast remains the world’s only best teletext radio show. Includes panels from Teletext Fest events and interviews with prominent members of the artisan teletext movement.

Teletext artists

  • Dan Farrimond (that’s me) has been exhibited on teletext services across Europe… and the UK.
  • Steve Horsley is a former employee of Teletext Ltd. who now creates more than just pixel horses.
  • Raquel Meyers works with text mode formats such as PETSCII and teletext.

Teletext-related blogs

Last updated 12 February 2017.