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What is teletext?

Teletext is the future. It is the aesthetic of countless science fiction movies set hundreds of years from now.

Teletext is the present. Millions of people worldwide view one of over 100 teletext services on a daily basis.

Teletext is the past. It is a groundbreaking milestone in technology, paving the way for countless innovations in media.

Over forty years since teletext was first developed, it finally has a blog of its very own.

Not that this site claims to be the number one authority on every technical aspect of the format – as far as I’m concerned, what happens between transmitter and television is pure wizardry of Harry Potter proportions. I believe it’s something to do with hidden data in broadcasts, the Easter egg of 70s technology, if you will.

Yes, teletext is much more than text on television.  It is also a graphical style in its own right, with a whole Europe-wide art festival dedicated to it. It is a communication medium embedded in the very psyche of millions, its easily-glitched pages the source of much post-school amusement. No matter how many times our mothers told us to ‘stop messing with the aerial’, we continued.

…Or at least, *I* did. Hence the very website you are currently viewing.



Discord logo in teletext by wimpie3
art by wimpie3 @discord

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