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Carl’s Teletext People

Teletext People is a podcast by Carl Attrill of Byte High No Limit Productions. You can listen at the following places:

Guests so far

  1. Mort Smith: Ceefax, Intelfax, 4-Tel
  2. Steve Rosenberg: BBC News
  3. Ian Westbrook: Ceefax Sport
  4. Graham Lovelace: Teletext Ltd.
  5. Ian Irving: Ceefax, Intelfax, 4-Tel
  6. Jason Robertson, the Teletext Archaeologist
  7. Dan Farrimond: teletext artist
  8. Alistair Cree: creator of the ZXNet teletext editor
  9. Mark Moxon: coder of Teletext Elite
  10. Mr Biffo: Teletext Ltd, Digitiser
  11. Sara Scott-Rivers: Datasolve, ITM, GWV And Videotron
  12. Gareth Herincx: Buzz!
  13. Paul B Davis: VBI Microtel
  14. Frauke Langguth: ARD Text
  15. Graham Norwood, Ceefax
  16. Tim Olsky, Ceefaux

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Discord logo in teletext by wimpie3
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