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Carl’s Teletext People

Teletext People is a podcast by Carl Attrill of Byte High No Limit Productions. You can listen at the following places:

Guests so far

  1. Mort Smith: Ceefax, Intelfax, 4-Tel
  2. Steve Rosenberg: BBC News
  3. Ian Westbrook: Ceefax Sport
  4. Graham Lovelace: Teletext Ltd.
  5. Ian Irving: Ceefax, Intelfax, 4-Tel
  6. Jason Robertson, the Teletext Archaeologist
  7. Dan Farrimond: teletext artist
  8. Alistair Cree: creator of the ZXNet teletext editor
  9. Mark Moxon: coder of Teletext Elite
  10. Mr Biffo: Teletext Ltd, Digitiser
  11. Sara Scott-Rivers: Datasolve, ITM, GWV And Videotron
  12. Gareth Herincx: Buzz!
  13. Paul B Davis: VBI Microtel
  14. Frauke Langguth: ARD Text
  15. Graham Norwood, Ceefax
  16. Tim Olsky, Ceefaux
  17. John Earls, Teletext Ltd
  18. Ricardo Autobahn of the Cuban Boys
  19. Count Binface
  20. Matti Ramo of Finland’s Yle Text
  21. Nathan Dane, NMS Ceefax Recreation

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