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RESULTS ARE IN for the Teletext Blockdown Party art contest

The winners have been announced! In a lavish live results show on Friday night, the results of the illustrious Blockdown Party Art Contest Prize were delivered in three orange envelopes.

View the video here to see what happened (results at 1:03:55), or scroll down to see a rundown of the winners.

Streamed LIVE on 9th May 2020. Who won the Blockdown Party Teletext Art Comp, claiming the illustrious prize of an invisible Ferrari parked somewhere in Wigan Tesco car park?

With: Harry (Dan), David Walford (contest organiser), Peter Kwan (Teefax inventor), Carlos (Teletext R Podcast), Alistair Cree (creator of the ZXNet teletext editor).

Video timecodes

0:00 Reviewing the entries
17:02 6pm voting update
20:45 Teletext R Podcast Takeover: Blockdown Party review
23:20 review of other Blockdown artwork
28:30 Collaborating on a teletext artwork LIVE!
45:00 7:20pm voting update
49:10 Collab artwork editing continues
1:14:35 Collab artwork review & closing


Another strong field of entries this year meant voting was very close in each of the categories – all second-placed artworks were within two votes of the winner. A total of almost 200 votes were cast across the three categories, with 123 people voting in the Newcomers poll.

The Blockdown Party art contest home page containing all the runners and riders can be found here. Alternatively, a more detailed (and rambling) video review of all Blockdown Party artworks can be found here.


Newcomers category: ‘Monolith’ by Blippypixel (see results)

Veterans category: ‘MF35’ by ZXGuesser (see results)

Red Button category: ‘Button Chan and Yerro-kun’ by Fidyan Genial (see results)*

Note: ‘Red Button Hat’ by Illarterate received the most votes in the Red Button category, but since organisers’ entries were not eligible to win, the artwork in second place was awarded the prize.

Written By

Teletext artist and head mad scientist at the UK Teletext Art Research Lab (TARL). | hello [at] teletextart (dot) co *dot* uk |

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