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Teletext Advent Calendars back for 2023; on ARD Text, ORF Teletext and Yle!

Steve Horsley - Christmas Street Scene

The teletext community are once again collaborating to create festive cheer with their now-customary Advent calendars!

This selection box of brand new teletext art will be featured on not one but three services across Europe in December 2023 and January 2024. In addition to Yle Teksti-TV (Finland), you can view these picturesque pixel pieces on ARD Text (Germany) and ORF Teletext (Austria).

View online

This exhibition is now over! Thank you very much to the artists, the teletext services and you the viewer, without whom this project would not have been possible. All submitted artworks are now available to view on Demozoo.

If you can’t access any of those teletext services on your television, you can consult the online viewers via the links below. But be sure to do so before the artworks go off-air!

🇩🇪 ARD Text page 891 (info 890) (1st December–24th December 2023) – Done!

🇦🇹 ORF Teletext page 699 (info 698) (1st December–24th December 2023) – Done!

🇫🇮 Yle Teksti-TV page 832 (info 830) (1st December 2023–6 January 2024)

You are allowed to open one page per day from 1st–24th December. What lies behind each door on the teletext calendar? Keep checking in to see…

Note: There will be small differences in running order between the three services, so remember to check all of them if you can.

As an added bonus, Yle will also be screening more art for an extended calendar until 6th January!


As usual, we won’t post too many artworks here until after the exhibition – we wouldn’t want to spoil your Christmas dinner now, would we? Oh go on then, just a sampler… Day 1 on ARD and ORF is Steve Horsley’s Christmas Street Scene as seen above!

You can find an archive of the previously-broadcast artworks on Yle pages 833-839. All pieces will be made available via Demozoo and once the exhibition has concluded.

Advent calendars?

Yes, there is more than one! Textmode maestro Wim Dewijngaert has been working hard to produce another of his separate one-page calendars that slowly adds new elements until Christmas Day. You can see this take shape alongside the collaborative calendar on Yle Text page 831.

Art samples

Participating artists

A total of 21 artists have joined together to create this year’s community teletext Advent calendar. The five fresh-faced newcomers are CeeGee Toons, Jamie Nemeth, Hervé Piton and PixCele.

Thomas Boevith (Denmark), Sarah Burgess (UK), CeeGee Toons (UK), Wim Dewijngaert (Belgium), Dan Farrimond (UK), Muhammad Fidyan Genial (Indonesia), Alex Grupe (Germany), Max Haarich (Germany), Dave Hingley (UK), Steve Horsley (UK), Andy Jenkinson (UK), Justadude (UK), Littlebitspace (???), Logiker (Austria), Jamie Nemeth (Wales, UK), Ruikaj (Japan), Hervé Piton (UK/France), PixCele (???), Pixelblip (UK), Anton Van Oosbree (USA), ZXGuesser (UK)


Social media

See information about previous teletext Advent calendars here.

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Teletext artist and head mad scientist at the UK Teletext Art Research Lab (TARL). | hello [at] teletextart (dot) co *dot* uk |

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Discord logo in teletext by wimpie3
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