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Teletext editor templates

Would you like to have a go at the editor, but are still finding your way around teletext? Here are some ready-made templates to ease you in.

Select the combination of colours you would like, then use the mouse to draw on the teletext canvas.

Plain (black) background

White drawing

Red drawing

Yellow drawing

Blue drawing

Cyan drawing

Green drawing

Magenta drawing

With coloured background

Red on a green background

White on a green background

Green on a red background

Yellow on a red background

Blue on a white background

Red on a white background

Yellow on a blue background

Cyan on a blue background

Yellow on a magenta background

White on a magenta background

Text mode

White text mode canvas

Red text mode canvas

Yellow text mode canvas

Blue text mode canvas

Cyan text mode canvas

Green text mode canvas


Discord logo in teletext by wimpie3
art by wimpie3 @discord

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