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[Audio] Teletext & Viewdata Block Party Afterparty (8th May 2022) with Nathan Dane interview

Dan and Carl welcome a selection of Block Party panellists to the Teletext Sofa Club for a behind-the-scenes review of proceedings at 2022’s biggest teletext festival.

This hour-long session also includes an interview with the internationally-renowned Nathan Dane – how has fame changed him? What’s the story behind his Ceefax Mission Control setup?

Starring: Dan & Carlos, Peter Kwan, Nathan Dane, David Walfordand Nathan’s cat

Originally Broadcast on YouTube 8th May 2022 (see the full stream here)

Listen here

Direct Download: Block Party 2022 Afterparty! 2022-05-07 (1 hour 4 minutes, 58.6mb)

Listen on Retro Unlim here.


0:00 Intro to the panellists
4:40 Nathan Dane, star of TV and Radio!
9:18 The British Teletext Freaks love Teksti-TV
12:00 Viewdata hacking culture
22:49 Teletext Block Party & collaboration
26:30 Clip from Jason Robertson’s Text, Lines and Videotape
29:04 Panellists’ teletext entry points
32:50 ZXNet Demonstration panel review
39:14 Nathan’s Pages From Ceefax: more popular than ever
47:30 Nathan’s Ceefax Mission Control
49:30 Are we shed inventors?
51:38 Favourite moments from Block Party 22
57:38 Xtra: Peter’s BBC pass & a teletext museum?

Carl receives a prize from Box Head Man


Block Party 22 home page
Nathan Dane on TV and Radio

Block Party 22: ZXNet Teletext Editor Demonstration from the Centre for Computing History
Block Party 22: Text, Lines and Videotape with Jason Robertson from the Centre for Computing History
Block Party 22: Teletext and Viewdata Panel from the Centre for Computing History

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Written By

Teletext artist and head mad scientist at the UK Teletext Art Research Lab (TARL). | hello [at] teletextart (dot) co *dot* uk |

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