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Museum of Teletext Art (MUTA)

Museum of Teletext Art on Yle Text

The Museum of Teletext Art is a collaboration between the FixC Co-operative and Yleisradio to broadcast, document, archive and make teletext art available for studies and research.

It was officially opened in August 2014 to broadcast art on Finnish national teletext. Since then, new artwork has been featured on a regular basis on page 805 of Yle Text.

You can see an archive of MUTA on Yle Text here. Advance forward using the date field to see what was featured at what time.

In addition, German service ARD Text broadcast a selection of twelve MUTA artworks throughout 2016. These artworks are detailed here.

Articles and press releases

Artworks featured on YLE Text (Finland)

  • August 2014:Lucky Cat‘ by Dragan Espenschied
  • September 2014:Teletextart‘ by Dan Farrimond
  • October 2014: Lindsay Lohan’s Mug Shot Cabinet‘ by Kathrin Gunter
  • November 2014: ‘Finnish Architecture’ by Seppo Renvaal
  • December 2014: Remote Control Music Studio‘ by Goto80
  • January-March 2015: ‘Transmission’ by Juha van Ingen
  • April-May 2015: ‘Heinola’ by Jarkko Rasanen
  • June 2015: ‘YouTube Comments’ by Ubermorgen
  • July 2015: ‘1,2,3,4,5,6’ by Erkka Nissinen
  • August 2015: ‘Contradictions’ by Amanda Siegel
  • September 2015: ‘Monster Girl’ by Raquel Meyers
  • October 2015: ‘Pinnochio’ by Kari Yli-Annala
  • November-December 2015: ‘TV-Mirror’ by Bakketun and Norum
  • January 2016: ‘TeleISIS’ by Ryo Ikeshiro
  • February 2016: ‘Tokens’ by Ian Gouldstone
  • March 2016: ‘Nothing’ by Maria Lavman Veto
  • May 2016: ‘Escape’ by Paula Lehtonen
  • June 2016: ‘Take Care of Your Pixels’ by E. Gervais
  • July 2016: ‘DarkTXT’ by Karin Ferrari
  • August 2016: ‘Apezilla’ by Max Capacity
  • September 2016: ‘Strange Meeting’ by MadAsHell
  • October 2016: ‘The Evolution is Sufficient’ by Thomas Thiede
  • November 2016-January 2017: ‘Nat1’ by Nathaniel Mellors
  • February-March 2017: ‘Monster Girl’ by Raquel Meyers (2nd time)
  • April-May 2017: ‘Heinola’ by Jarkko Rasanen (2nd time)
  • June 2017: ‘1,2,3,4,5,6’ by Erkka Nissinen (2nd time)
  • July-August 2017: ‘Escape’ by Paula Lehtonen (2nd time)
  • September-October 2017: ‘Apezilla’ by Max Capacity (2nd time)
  • November 2017-February 2018: ‘Take Care of Your Pixels’ by E. Gervais (2nd time)
  • March-June 2018: ‘Nothing’ by Maria Lavman Veto (2nd time)
  • July-December 2018: ‘Transmission’ by Juha van Ingen (2nd time)
  • January 2019: ‘DarkTXT’ by Karin Ferrari (2nd time)


Lucky Cat
Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot Cabinet (1)