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Teletext Must Not Die: lecture & workshop by Mathias Coinchon

Mathias Coinchon, Chief Technology Officer at Radio Télévision Suisse, has hosted a teletext lecture at Fixme Hackerspace in Switzerland. Concluding with a teletext creation workshop, the talk was broadcast live via Twitch on Friday night. There’s also a handy YouTube video with captions for you to auto-translate from French into English.

Courtesy a man on Twitter, here are some teletext pages made during the workshop portion of the presentation. Alternatively, see the this wiki page for more resources.

Updated credit for artwork: Mathias, Kevin, Sasha and Nico

And here’s that digitised image of Mathias by Nico in crisp HD:

In actuality, the workshop goals are still ongoing. See below and this page if you would like to join in. What do you think, would you like to help out with a Fixme teletext service?

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