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TV Wall, Block Party Cambridge 2017

Teletextr Podcast 06, March 2017 – Sixels and Bad Apples

TV Wall, Block Party Cambridge 2017

Recorded LIVE at Block Party Cambridge 2017. Prepare yourself for more good oranges and bad apples! And just what is a sixel? Well, I’m pretty sure the answer is in there somewhere.

Direct download: Teletextr Podcast Episode 6 (mp3)


0:00 Welcome to the Block Party LIVE from the video wall
5:00 A Teletextr tour of the Centre For Computing History collection
14:00 A walk through Cambridge with teletext recovery expert Jason Robertson (warning: contains little teletext talk)
19:00 Pub Fun announcement and Bit Shifters’ ‘Bad Apple’ demo music break
21:00 Interviews: Russty Russ is just a bot, Alistair’s lead yanking adventure, non-exploding BBC Master
25:30 Post Block Party pub adventures: More from Alistair and Jason
31:20 Interview with demogroup Bit Shifters

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