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Teletext R Podcast, 18th August 2022 – Demoparties, Phones and Fax-Silly-Mes (TSC Live)

Greetz to the t3l3t3xt crew! Orange roolz! Infinite lives? (Y/N)

Itʼs festival season, which means teletext has been appearing at demoparties and techie events the length and breadth of Britainʼs very own Silly-con Valley.

Aided by the knowledgeable Teletext Discord, Dan and Carl investigate various communication methods that may be featured alongside teletext in a muddy farmerʼs field.

And in the second half, they catch up with every teletext appearance at demoparties in 2022, including an incredible new 5-minute demo running on Raspberry Pi.

Teletext News also makes a comeback, busting spooky Audetel ghost voices and celebrating Matti Ramoʼs birthday with a special artpack.

Originally broadcast on Teletext Sofa Club, 18th August 2022.



1:50 Teletext R Cracktro: our personal demoscene histories
4:40 Fax-silly-me: Cutel @EMF Camp, fax security
9:30 Rotary dial show and tell & fax spam
16:40 BBS & HAM radio: the ‘next teletextʼ?
24:12 Teletext at demoparties In 2022: EMFCamp, Novaparty
27:00 420 Years of Teletext by AttentionWhore at Evoke 22
31:00 Teletext News: Digifest 2023, Happy Birthday Matti Ramo
34:50 Audetel: new audio teletext discovered!
37:58 10 years since the end of Ceefax: a new audio documentary?
41:25 Another summer, another Ceefax holiday


Cu Telecom Twitter (EMF Camp faxes):
420 Years of Teletext @Demozoo:
Novaparty 22 teletext @ Demozoo:
Happy 60th Birthday, Matti Ramo:
Audetel Twitter thread by ZXGuesser:

Leila Johnston (Faxback voiceover artist) on Twitter:

Teletext R on Apple Podcasts: 
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Teletext Discord:
Teletext Facebook group

Written By

Teletext artist and head mad scientist at the UK Teletext Art Research Lab (TARL). | hello [at] teletextart (dot) co *dot* uk |

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Discord logo in teletext by wimpie3
art by wimpie3 @discord

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