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Teletext R Podcast, 20th February 2021 – Roy Essandoh, The Ceefax Striker – with Paul Lewis

It’s one of the most iconic moments in FA Cup history – Roy Essandoh leaping to score a last-minute goal against Leicester and earn Wycombe Wanderers a place in the semi-finals of England’s most prestigious cup competition. 

The ‘Ceefax Striker’, as he has been dubbed, signed for injury-stricken Wycombe after his agent spotted a story about the club’s plight on the BBC’s teletext service. 

And to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Essandoh’s heroics, Dan is joined by Paul Lewis, operator of the official Wycombe website at that time, and current owner of the Chairboys fansite.


🎙️ Abridged Version (1 hour) – the teletexter’s edition

🎙️ EXTRA TIME Version (1 hour 19 minutes) – the football fan’s edition

*Same as the regular edition but with more than 15 minutes extra chat.

You can also listen to this episode via Retro Unlim, who are kindly hosting Teletext R for Apple Podcasts.

Timecodes (for Abridged Version)

2:40 Paul’s personal teletext history
5:30 Launching the Chairboys fansite & football tech in the 90s
15:16 The Legend of Roy Essandoh (Eee-Sando?)
20:20 Essandoh on Ceefax: the real story
26:00 Paul reports live from the (2001) FA Cup Quarter Final!
31:30 Lawrie Sanchez watches Essandoh score… on TV
36:00 Paul was told off by a man in a suit
40:00 Tea with Ron Atkinson at Wycombe v Liverpool
47:00 The search for the fabled Essandoh Ceefax page
53:00 How the Essandoh story has changed over time (Ceefax or the Internet?)
57:00 Post-script: Essandoh after Wycombe

Reconstruction of how BBC Ceefax reported Essandoh’s heroics (@illarterate).


Paul Lewis has been hosting the Chairboys Wycombe Fansite since 1995. He also hosts Wycombe Gigs News, documenting the history of live music in High Wycombe. His Twitter handle is GasmanCOTN.

Special thanks to Jason Robertson, Tim Bisley and the guys at Teletext Recovery Discord for aiding in the search for that fabled Essandoh Ceefax page.

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Teletext artist and head mad scientist at the UK Teletext Art Research Lab (TARL). | hello [at] teletextart (dot) co *dot* uk |

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