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Teletextr Podcast 04, March 2016 – Teletext After Hours

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Paul ‘Minitel’ Rose joins Carl (‘C-Man’) and Dan for some 18+ chat about explicit teletext art, controversial Ceefax news items, cross dressing gentlemen and enormous mice.

This podcast is sponsored by Jacob’s Clock Crackers.

Timecodes (spoilers):

0:00 Index page
1:50 Wholesome, Universal-related intros with 3:50 new nicknames for Carl?
4:25 Minitel Rose & men pretending to be women
16:30 Ormos the Mouse
17:45 BANNED: Teletext’s After Hours service
24:30 How Paul made his teletext graphics
32:00 Behind the scenes at
34:50 Digitiser was very naughty indeed
44:30 Play the Digitiser racing game
45:55 Park Avenue’s profane last words
47:20 You Can’t Say That on Teletext! Including 48:20 the world’s crudest treasure hunt
53:00 60 words enough? And TV vs. teletext vs. the Internet
1:03:00 Was Digitiser the world’s first blog?
1:06:30 Reveal-Me-Do: Digitiser meetup
1:08:50 The (allegedly) stolen Scope 6
1:10:48 Messages from our sponsors
1:12:40 Out-takes: Ormos returns

Carl’s R.Horse gaming mouse

Music from Leisure Suit Larry.

Direct download link: Teletextr Podcast Episode 4 (mp3)

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Written By

Teletext artist and head mad scientist at the UK Teletext Art Research Lab (TARL). | hello [at] teletextart (dot) co *dot* uk |

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