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Archive - February 2016

Teletext in Europe

Teletext in Europe: New book out now

Teletext historians rejoice, for Nordicom’s study of the medium is now available. With twelve peer reviewed chapters by world renowned teletext researchers, it’s probably worth the £0.00 PDF download price. Alternatively, you can order a...

Vegaotex is now available in English!

Oh, haven’t you heard? Teletext is on the internet now! Or at least, Vegaotex is. Throw Prestel, Minitel, Telidon and Pages From Ceefax into a large, pixellated pot, and what do you get? Well, a great big mess. But Vegaotex is nothing like...

The Soundtrack To Teletext Vol 1

…Or more specifically, 4-Tel on View. Grab your VHS cassette, ram it into the slot and fire up the gramophone for this recommended playlist courtesy Channel 4 Teletext!

Grabs recovered from VHS by Jason Robertson. See more here.

Teletext In Europe: New teletext book coming soon

Nordicom have announced the publication of their academic study, Teletext In Europe: From the Analogue to the Digital Era. The book will feature guest chapters by European teletext experts including Raquel Meyers and others who have not yet made...

New collection: Teletext palm trees

I have long maintained that teletext will be forever known for three things: cheap package holidays, pixellated pornography and… palm trees. I am fairly certain that collections of the first two items will appear in the future, but for now, we...