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Teletext in Europe: New book out now

Teletext in Europe

Teletext in Europe

Teletext historians rejoice, for Nordicom’s study of the medium is now available. With twelve peer reviewed chapters by world renowned teletext researchers, it’s probably worth the £0.00 PDF download price.

Alternatively, you can order a print version for a pixel pocket pleasing 28 Euros (approx UK£21 at time of writing). will offer more extensive commentary on this exciting new book in due course, but a quick flick through suggests it is a comprehensive view of teletext as a social and artistic communication medium. For example, I think I saw one of the German porno pics in there (link NSFW, maybe)…

We’ll also review the print copy when ours arrives! In the meantime, why not take a look yourself?

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Teletext artist and head mad scientist at the UK Teletext Art Research Lab (TARL). | hello [at] teletextart (dot) co *dot* uk |

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Discord logo in teletext by wimpie3
art by wimpie3 @discord

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