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Teletext R Podcast, 15 March 2020: Teefax in the Media & #Teletext50

Photo credit: Tammy Lynn Kwan

Teefax, the community teletext service created by Peter Kwan, has recently been signal boosted by numerous news outlets. Most significantly, its appearance on The One Show marked teletext’s return to the BBC almost 8 years after the demise of Ceefax.

Does this pave the way for a 50th anniversary documentary? What would you like to see for #Teletext50?

Also, there are some ‘celebrity’ appearances and Carlos is the first guest on the Teletext R phone in!

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The One Show theme on Kazoo by Much Kazoo About Nothing

Links: Peter Kwan on The One Show, Teefax feature in the Daily Mail, Teefax in the Independent

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